Changes to the VDAM Rule in February - 31st Jan 2017

The New Zealand Transport Association is making changes to the VDAM Rule (Vehicle Dimensions and Mass) that go in to effect in February, 2017.

After reviewing the current legislation with the NZ Heavy Haulage Association and key representatives within the industry throughout 2016, there have been minor adjustments made to the Rule. Some of the provisions can be traced back as far as 1978, but now we’re looking to the future with the new VDAM rule.

The VDAM rule specifies the requirements for dimension and mass limits for vehicles operating on New Zealand roads. It is key in balancing the risks of heavy vehicles, how they affect other road users, and their impact on road infrastructure, against the need to allow heavy vehicles to optimise operations.

A draft VDAM update was presented in December 2016 and goes into effect in February this year. The hope is with the updated VDAM Rule trucking and bus companies will import newer, safer and more innovative and responsible vehicles, while maintaining safety for all road users.

You can read more about the changes on the NZ Transport Agency website.

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