Southland Machine Hire are piloting specialists who can take your wide load the distance. Our staff can help with route planning, permits, signage and lighting to help get your cargo quickly and efficiently from A to B. We work with loads up to 80 tonne maximum, across the whole of the South Island. We can also co-ordinate New Zealand-wide piloting of your heavy or oversize load.

All staff carry a Class 2 license, with one staff carrying a Class 1 license. We also have three staff that have BESS training (Bridge engineering self supervision) so that your oversize load can be easily and safely carried over a bridge by Southland Machine Hire. Our staff are not only certified, but well experienced in piloting heavy machinery and temporary buildings. We work hard to ensure the safety of staff and the public while ensuring the fast and efficient transportation of your cargo.

Southland Machine Hire are members of the NZ Heavy Haulage Association. The Heavy Haulage Association help keep us up to date on the latest requirements for transporting oversize items.

Let Southland Machine Hire help you with your over dimension or overweight load. Call us today for a free quote.

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